The GreenMobility Advantage

Become part of a growing industry of Green Urban Mobility solutions.

By becoming a GreenMobility partner, you get a complete package, with much of the difficult work completed for you in advance. We provide you with a solution that is fast-to-market, includes local knowledge, and a complete package of systems, campaigns and last but not least, know-how.

GreenMobility Partner

Becoming a partner with GreenMobility includes benefits for both sides. You get a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to save valuable time, tapping into our know-how, instead of starting a new business from scratch. 

You have certain strengths, that make you an ideal partner. For instance, GreenMobility has neither the regional contacts you possess, nor your local knowledge. We bring countless positive aspects to the table including a wealth of knowledge and expertise garnered from operating a successful electric car sharing business; both at home and abroad.

We are looking for partners, who are economically involved. Through this, we believe in creating powerful synergy with our partners. This synergy can be both operational, as well as commercial. From our experience, this enables us to achieve success with our partners faster and more efficiently.

We work with your business to create synergy in the form of customers, local partners, etc. You do not need to have knowledge about car sharing or the industry - we have a wealth of knowledge to help you the entire way.

We have profound experience working with the three major business segments. In addition to B2C, we also have a extensive experience and success working with both B2B and B2G.

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Business Opportunity

By 2022, free-float car sharing is expected to grow by 251%, reaching more than 14 million users. You can become a part of this exciting urban mobility development, as GreenMobility offers you the opportunity to operate a fully electric car sharing business.
Our ambition is to establish GreenMobility in +15 cities by 2021.
We are looking for strong local partners, who are ready to operate the GreenMobility concept. We will combine your local knowledge with our experience, expertise and know-how.

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