How do you ensure parking and charging for a fleet of 400 city cars?

In Copenhagen we provide 400 electric shared city cars for modern urbanites who craves the freedom of access to a car without the hassle of ownership. One thing is to provide access to an electric car, another is to provide access to charging and parking in a city where parking is already difficult. This is how we do it.

The Copenhagen Case

In 2016 we launched our electric city cars in Copenhagen. An obvious challenge was to find parking for these cars, so the users can always and easily find a spot to leave the car. The solution? Collaborations.

Companies, shopping malls, hospitals, universities all have parking lots and they are quite interested in creating space for electric shared city cars and take part in the future of sustainable transportation. The win-win situation results in what we call Hotspots. Currently, we have 25 Hotspots meaning dedicated parking spots reserved for the GreenMobility user in greater Copenhagen. This way there is always a parking spot for the GreenMobility city cars, and our speedy service team make sure that the users can find an available city car on the Hotspots too.

Why Hotspots?

Hotspots are a core element of the GreenMobility concept which ensures constant availability and flexibility. By using a Hotspot, the user also avoids spending time circling around searching for a parking spot when going to the cinema or having a reservation at a restaurant. Hotspots are always visible to the customer through our app. Just like that, we have made the city cars extremely easy to locate and take for a ride and also to leave again.

Hotspots for business

Many of our Hotspots are a part of a business agreement. More than 500 companies in Copenhagen motivate their employees to use GreenMobility city cars instead of taxis or company cars. Some of these companies have parking lots in convenient areas and providing space for our city cars is both in their and our interest. They make it even easier for their employees to use the inexpensive and eco-friendly transport solution, and in return, we can offer our users better parking opportunities.


Parking with power

Hotspots doesn’t just provide parking for our users, it also allows us to build charging infrastructure and service hubs where we can clean and service the cars. Did we mention that this enables our service team to clean a car both inside and outside in just 30 minutes on average? Probably the most thorough and fastest car cleaner in the world.

Electric cars are here to stay, but still many modern cities lack the charging infrastructure to support the expected demand. By working with energy companies, we are not depending on a city already having a well-developed charging infrastructure, as we can set up our own chargers. 

Charging Your City Car

In Copenhagen, we work with E.ON who provide charging with electricity from renewable energy sources. Our city cars and users charge for free on all E.ON chargers.

This makes GreenMobility an attractive car sharing solution for cities who are ready and willing to welcome electric shared city cars to their city.

Will your city be the next?

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