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The demand for shared City Cars is growing driven by three mega trends: urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy. GreenMobility is a free float car sharing concept and aims to be among Europe’s leading car sharing companies – supported by strong relationships with international operational partners.

One app to all cars

The customer use the app to access all cars in the fleet - whether planned or spontaneously 

Pay as you go

The customers pay-as-they-go and the service is easy to combine with other mobility options 

Free parking

The customers always park free of charge in all public parking spaces within the operation zone

Designated parking

Designated parking spaces to GreenMobility ensure easy parking in otherwise clustered areas of the city 

Everything is included

GreenMobility car sharing includes all costs - from electricity to parking and insurance

GreenMobility - Your City Car

Independent - But Never Alone

As a GreenMobility partner you will own and operate your own fleet of City Cars, always supported with branding, systems, training and assistance by our professional team. 

We believe in building strong relationships and believe that a big part of our success comes from sharing knowledge between GreenMobility and our partners. Feel free to contact us, regardless where you are in the process of launching a car sharing service.  

Your Partner Team

You are independent. But we are right behind you.

Anders Wall
Chief International Officer

Daniel Thorius
International Project Manager

Christel Hansen
International Research Assistant

The Story

The future of the auto industry is starting to take shape, and it’s clean, cheap and shared, reflecting the challenges looming not only over the conventional car - but also over cities. It is expected that 60% of the world’s population will live in cities in 2030 compared with 50% today. But even today, all major cities face challenges such as noise, pollution and traffic congestion.

By enhancing the infrastructure of a city, by being 100% electric and by being shared, GreenMobility offers a positive impact on these challenges. Since October 2016, we have been operating GreenMobility, which is an eco-friendly, easy-to-use and flexible mobility service for modern urbanites.

Today GreenMobility is available in Copenhagen with about 400 electric Renault ZOEs. GreenMobility believes that Your City Car has a future in every city that demand green and easy transportation and we aim to expand the operation to cities around Europe. Each city car is easily located by the GreenMobility app, which also serves as a key to unlock the cars.

GreenMobility is publicly listed on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.


We meet our customers, partners and competitors as equal. We operate with integrity and are consistent

Willing to adapt

We are agile, fast-moving and flexible in order to counter the future of a green and shared auto industry 


We are visionary and do not just "operate" a car sharing concept. We help change the perception of car ownership and mobility


We believe in being responsible in all aspects of our business - from the environment to our partners 

Customer centric

We value humbleness and hard work above good intentions. We will deliver the best customer experience