Independent - but Never Alone

As a Full GreenMobility Partner, you will own and operate your own fleet of electric City Cars, always supported with branding, systems, training and assistance from our professional team. We believe in building strong relationships and credit a large part of our success to consistent knowledge-sharing between GreenMobility and our partners.

We support you from the very first steps of creating the business plan, to ongoing support post-launch; including all systems, fleet management, manuals, marketing, branding, campaigns, training and data utilization.


Build a strong foundation!
We support you with every aspect of a strong foundation: from a comprehensive roll-out master plan to world-class empowerment.
Years of experience enables us to support you with tools to manage car deployment, insurance, price plans, geo-calibration and segmentation.
We help you choose the right team and provide you with the foundation for a successful operation through online platforms, an app etc.


We know our target groups. We know the users!
Profit from our customer profiling & segmentation, our comprehensive Brand Guide and complete SoMe package. We give you all the tools you need to communicate effectively.
All our products are tailored to fit and create incentive for customers, and we provide you with the best functional systems to manage customer service through a call centre.

Do you want to hear more about your benefits? 


The absolute core of running our service!
Learn all there is to know about operating successfully, avoid pitfalls and wasted time from collecting knowledge etc.
We guide you through running and managing a totally optimized fleet, including cleaning, parking and charging, through years of street intelligence and heat mapping.

Capitalize on specially developed algorithms and API’s to reach maximum optimization of the fleet.

Back office

The operational backbone!
We take you behind the scenes and provide you with several systems to manage areas such as driver behaviour, safe payments, fraud prevention and low-risk fine administration.

Gain valuable information from our comprehensive analytics suite. We are experts on Big Data and are here to share it all with you.

Support & Development

We possess an abundance of knowledge and are eager to share it with you!
Profit from our comprehensive manual ‘The Green Book’ and rest easy, knowing that we are right behind you. We plan ongoing development and improvement
of the entire product suite, for your benefit. We help you to build the path to the Mobility Future, including ride sharing, ride-hailing & autonomous cars, combined with possibilities for Smart Grid integration.