All-Electric Car Sharing Service

GreenMobility, Copenhagen’s all-electric car sharing service, was founded in early 2016. By October 2016, our first City Cars hit the streets of Copenhagen. Since the company’s inception, we have experienced exponential growth. In June 2017, we completed our IPO and became a publicly traded company. We are listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen. In December 2018, we launched GreenMobility Oslo, together with our Norwegian partner, VY. In November 2019, we launched in Aarhus and plan on being operational in Malmö and Gothenburg in early 2020.


Ever-increasing urbanisation exacerbates many challenges in mid-size and large cities, including congestion and parking. This increase produces a need for change and more sustainable solutions for urban environments. GreenMobility is a carbon neutral, electric car sharing service. We leverage three current global megatrends: sustainability, urbanisation and sharing economy to help create a healthier, wealthier tomorrow. For this reason, GreenMobility and its employees, are true changemakers.

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Today GreenMobility is available in Copenhagen with a fleet of 400 electric Renault ZOEs.
Our first partner is VY in Oslo with 250 cars in the fleet.
We are very excited about the partnership with Norway and have great cooperation with our partner, VY.

What do our customers say?

We are proud to report that 95% of our customers have told their friends and family about GreenMobility. 89% of our customers are highly satisfied with our product and service.

Copenhagen Municipality sees great economic, environmental and social potential in the use of sustainable mobility solutions, such as shared cars and City Cars. These solutions both reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time ensure that we get cleaner air, less noise, fewer cars, more space, more access and an enhanced ability to utilise common resources; to the benefit of Copenhagen residents.

Lasse Bonde-Jensen, Copenhagen Munincipality

We are happy about GreenMobility at Obsidian Digital. It’s a flexible option to go to and from client meetings. We can reserve the car for 30 minutes to ensure that we arrive on time. The option to reserve a car for the entire day is useful for meetings in Greater Copenhagen. We take just as many City Cars as taxis these days- because they’re easier and faster for us

Halfdan Timm, Head of Social, Obsidian Digital A/S

GreenMobility offers an environmentally friendly and cheap option for transport in the Capital Region. And as a customer, you don’t have to think about expensive parking

Johannes Rovsing, CEO, Saxo Bank A/S


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